Toyoda Osamu Soke

Toyoda Osamu Soke first started his iaido training at the young age of 10 years in Kobe, Japan. He first learned under the direction of Hayabuchi Risho. This was his only instructor until Sensei Hayabuchi passed away in 1999. During the war, Toyoda Soke could not learn Iaido. All together, he has been learning Iaido for about 60 years. He is a Ni-Dan (2nd degree) in Kendo. In 2001 he received the high rank of 8th Dan, Hanshi. There are 130 students under his direction. And they are all members of the Meirin Kai. In Hyogo Prefecture, there are dojos located in Himeji city, Kakogawa, and Yumesaki town. While in Okayama Prefecture, the towns of Ohara and Aida have Araki Ryu dojos. Toyoda Soke has done demonstrations in foreign countries like France, Italy, and Australia and of course in the United States. He has visited the USA 19 times, mainly to teach Iaido in Phoenix and California dojos.